The New Canada Cheap Fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Watches In O-Megasteel

The technical specifications of the caliber 8912 movement, the pending patents, the ISO 6425 certification, (etc.) are all identical to the luxury replica Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep watches I discussed here. What’s different, is the case shape and the material of the case and bracelet. To start with the latter, the steel that Omega uses for the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep is called O-Megasteel.

Seamaster Ultra Deep in O-Megasteel

Three different models, in total 6 variations (on strap and bracelet) are available in this new O-Megasteel alloy. It is harder (300 vickers) than 316L and 904L steel, yet it does have more elasticity (like titanium). Meaning it will not stay deformed after being exposed to huge depths. But I would be surprised if you, the owner of this AAA Canada fake watches, would reach these kinds of depths. The other advantage of O-Megasteel is that it has a whiter color and nice(r) shine to it than regular steel.

Above, the regular Planet Ocean in 316L steel next to the Ultra Deep in O-Megasteel. You can clearly see the difference (no pun intended). Although the diameter (45.5mm) and height(18.12mm) of the high quality replica Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep watches in steel are identical to the titanium version, the lug-to-lug is a bit short with its 51.95mm (instead of 56mm).

Symmetrical steel case with a titanium case back

Unlike the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep copy watches for sale in titanium, the steel version has a symmetrical case. However, it does have a crown guard (and the titanium version has a recessed crown).

The case back on the steel models is made of titanium, for more sturdy construction of the case. Just like the titanium Ultra Deep, the O-Megasteel version also doesn’t need a helium escape valve due to the construction of the crystal, crown, and case back as explained in this article.

Three models of the Ultra Deep in O-Megasteel

Cheap replica Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep watches in O-Megasteel will become available in black and blue, orange and grey-black gradient, and blue and white. To start with the latter: reference (on steel) / (on rubber) has a white lacquer dial with a blue ceramic bezel with a white enamel diving scale.

The Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep reference (steel) / (rubber) super clone watches wholesale store has grey-black radiant color with a transparent lacquer. The bezel is made of polished orange ceramic with liquid ceramic and Super-LumiNova diving scale.

Last but not least is the version ( for the steel bracelet and for the rubber strap) with a blue-black gradient dial with a polished black ceramic bezel with LiquidMetal diving scale.

Bracelet or strap

Each Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep replica watches for men in O-Megasteel is available with a steel bracelet or on a matching rubber strap. The clasp on the newly designed bracelet looks very “integrated” and inside there’s the diver’s extension.

The bracelet tapers from 22mm between the lugs to 18mm at the clasp. The clasp is destined to get fewer scratches than normal steel clasps, of course, due to the hardness of O-Megasteel.

The other option is the rubber strap, which will also save you some coins. It is a black rubber strap and depending on the execution of the perfect fake watches, with different additional colors. The white dial and black-grey gradient dial version come with the black and blue rubber strap, the orange bezel version comes with the black strap with orange lining.

Pricing and Availability

The retail price of the Seamaster Ultra Deep in O-Megasteel is CHF 10,700 for the version with a bracelet and CHF 10,400 for the watch on a rubber strap. Omega lets us know that they expect these best replica watches online to become available in April 2022.

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