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Without further ado, we present the most iconic perfect replica watches introduced by Patek Philippe in the 21st century:

Replica Patek Philippe First Ladies Chronograph Ref. 7071 Watches

In 2009, Patek surprised collectors and fans with a model they didn’t see coming. Dubbed the Ladies First Chronograph, ref. 7071 was the successor to a legendary chronograph caliber developed exclusively for CA top Patek Philippe fake watches by Nouvelle Lémania in 1986.

That the firm chose to present its first entirely in-house traditional chronograph movement (column wheel, horizontal clutch, manual winding) in ladies’ luxury replica watches set the stage for an industry-wide conversation about how to court female buyers.

“Since then, the CH 29-535 PS movement has been used in additional men’s and ladies timepieces in their collection,” Boulle says.

Of course, no one could deny the model’s voluptuous good looks: “I have a soft spot for both cushion-shaped cases and manufacturers who introduce new complications for women before they do it in a men’s watch,” says Elizabeth Doerr, editor in chief and co-founder of the watch site Quill & Pad. “And this is exactly how Patek Philippe approached its first in-house chronograph movement: by first paying tribute to its female clientele and—wonder of wonders—housing it in a cushion-shaped gold case. Just a stupendous piece of horology.”

Fake Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Ref. 5738/50G-025 Watches

Patek is celebrated for its excellence in creating both sport and complicated cheap 1:1 copy watches but among hard-core collectors, its rare handcraft timepieces—be they dome clocks, pocket watches or wristwatches—reflect its dedication to maintaining the artistry and culture of horology.

For Patek experts such as Reardon, that dedication is central to the watchmaker’s legacy. As he deliberated over which models to include on this list, he made the case for a rare handcraft piece. “I am trying to look at this question as if it is the year 2050 and we are looking back,” he tells Robb Report. “History will remember this early 20th century reinvention and commitment to rare handicrafts by Patek in my opinion.”

One recent and much-talked about example of Patek’s rare handcraft excellence is a piece introduced at the Watch Art Grand Exhibition Tokyo 2023, the brand’s sixth and largest grand exhibition to date. Called “Snow-covered Landscape,” Ref. 5738/50G-025 was inspired by a Japanese print depicting a bridge in a snow-covered Tokyo. Housed in a white gold Golden Ellipse case, it features a cloisonné enamel dial incorporating 75 cm of gold wire as well as a palette of opaque, translucent and semi-opaque enamels in 17 shades. 

Exhibition replica watches for sale, like the one described above, are essential to the brand’s overall positioning in the industry, says Wind. “They help Patek continue to be at the top of the food chain in terms of quality and relevance,” he says. “And it makes people excited to know they have something truly unique—that’s part of their appeal.”

Patek Philippe Calatrava “Clous de Paris” Ref. 6119G-001 Replica Watches

No Patek Philippe collection would truly be complete without a Calatrava, the brand’s signature model. Named after the company’s symbol, the Calatrava Cross — itself named for a 12th-century Spanish order of Cistercian knights that was meaningful to founders Antoni Patek and Franciszek Czapek, both of whom were of Polish Catholic origin — the round Canada fake watches wholesale has long been considered the essence of gentlemanly style.

In 2021, Patek introduced Ref. 6119, high quality Patek Philippe Calatrava super clone watches featuring a new design (in a slightly enlarged 39 mm case) and a new movement that, according to Wind, sparked renewed interest in the model. “The 6119 got a lot of people very excited,” he says. “The very early ones were selling for $50,000, maybe more, when the retail was around $30,000.”

“It’s classic Patek,” he adds. “And it’s got a guilloched hobnail bezel, which is very ’80s-90s Patek but still relevant and feels Patek-like today. They’re the only ones who do that on time-only watches in terms of current production.”

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