Rowing Blazers And TAG Heuer Unveil Perfect AAA Limited-Edition “Yacht-Timer” Carrera Fake Watches For Canada

After joining forces with Seiko, Zodiac and Tudor on a string of sold-out timepieces, Rowing Blazers has tapped TAG Heuer for its next exclusive top replica watches: the limited-edition 42mm “Yacht-Timer” Carrera.

Galvanized by the signature Heuer Yacht-Timer used by competitive sailors in the ’60s and ’70s, the collaborative best CA fake watches employs the vintage model’s signature color story, with a white dial, bright blue text and one-minute sections in red, blue, green and pale yellow. Additionally, the Rowing Blazers model references the old Swiss made replica watches’ cross-hatching on the aforementioned colors, with an effect that nods to the “Ben Day dots” used in comic books.

“I’ve always loved the Heuer Yacht-Timer — both for its sporting origins and its very Rowing Blazers color scheme, but also because there’s something very Roy Lichtenstein about the way the colors are rendered,” said Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson, who crafted the cheap copy watches with George Bamford of Bamford Watch Department and Eric Wind of Wind Vintage. “Eric loves vintage Heuer stopwatches, too, and we’ve dreamed of producing our own luxury replica watches in the style of these amazing pieces.”

Wind added, “This 1:1 online super clone watches has become one of my favorites to wear. I am confident it will sell out quickly and would encourage any interested individuals to act fast and not miss it.”

Only 99 units of the Rowing Blazers x TAG Heuer 42mm “Yacht-Timer” Carrera are available for purchase via the brand’s webstore. The high quality TAG Heuer replica watches is priced at $8,900 USD. Take a closer look at the design in the gallery above.

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