Longines L2.678.1.71.0 Replica Watch CA Pays Tribute To Feat Of Flying Across The Atlantic

Today if you want to know where you are, it will be clear if opening the Google map. Absolutely, it should owe to the development of the technology. But if dating back to 1930s, it was really difficult to know where you were. In 1927, Charles Lindbergh designed the continuous hour angle watch after successful adventure of flying across the Atlantic and and the perfect fake Longines took the responsibility to manufacture the magnificent models. Now let’s have a look at the legendary Longines L2.678.1.71.0 heritage model.

The big dial provides a good readability.
47.5 MM Longines Heritage Fake

The original model that the Longines Heritage copy with black bezel is the Lindbergh Hour Angle wristwatch in 1930s and the first model was launched in 1931. The timepiece perfectly maintains the appearance of the original model including the 47.5 mm case, which always provides the good readability.

The Longines is very helpful at that era.
Brown Leather Strap Copy Longines

The operation principle of this knockoff watch with titanium case is complicated, which could accurately calculate the longitude to determine the flight bearing. With such a useful timepiece, the pilots could quickly and accurately make sure where they are. Now the function is not useful, but it offered great help for the pilots at that era.

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