EVENT: 7 short quotes that sum up why the event in Sydney last Friday night was a pretty big deal for Replica Omega

Watch events come and watch events go, but last Friday night’s star-studded extravaganza that started at the new replica Omega boutique in Sydney’s Martin Place, and carried on to a straight-out-of-a-movie private harbourside manor will not be forgotten quickly. Here are seven quotes from the night that speak volumes about the significance of what took place.


“This is the biggest Omega boutique in the world.” – Omega President, Raynald Aeschlimann, on the two-storey Sydney boutique, which is as much a gallery and hang space as it is a traditional store. Check it out.


“You kept your promise.” – Omega GM Megan Parker to Aeschlimann about his return to Australia – a promise he made on becoming president of cheap fake Omega in 2016.


“For so long Omega was about the James Bond Seamaster, but there really is an important legacy with women’s watches that is being celebrated upstairs.” – Cindy Crawford, referring to the ‘Her Time’ exhibition currently on display in the Sydney Boutique.


“I will say how long I’ve worked with cheap fake Omega – over 20 years, and that’s, like, a very long marriage… And we keep saying that we haven’t really had any fights yet.” – Cindy Crawford, after Aeschlimann was coy about the length of their working relationship.


“If you treat history as vintage you treat it wrong. For us, history is not ‘retro’, it is our inspiration.” – Petros Protopapas


“This exhibition is called officially ‘100 years of Omega ladies watches’. If I may be so bold, please add ‘The first 100 years of copy Omega ladies watches’ because this is exactly how you should treat history if you have history.” – Petros Protopapas


“Sorry men, but you have ladies to thank for wristwatches. Come upstairs and I will show you.” – Petros Protopapas


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